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Anna and Mark

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Our Story

Anna & Mark met the good old-fashioned way – a dating app. On their first date, Mark learned Anna was the funniest person alive and Anna confirmed that Mark was as good of a guy as she suspected because his height in real life was in perfect alignment with what he listed on his Hinge profile. After the date, neither of them could sleep because they knew something special was taking hold (although Anna still claims it was food poisoning). As cheesy as it may sound, since that first night, Anna & Mark have been inseparable, and through that closeness, have grown their life together in friendship and love. Now, after years or fun, a healthy sprinkle of challenges (like moving in together the day after the first COVID lockdowns began) and so, so much love, Anna & Mark are honored to have you, their nearest and dearest, join them to celebrate this special moment in their lives!